We need a sustainable future, where impact and economic growth go hand in hand.

To get a more just, equal and fruitful world, there is need for all enterprises to operate according to sustainable principles – in supply chains and production, in relation to their employees, in the economic growth and in their effect on the surrounding society and environment.

We are here to strengthen enterprises that combine positive impact on our world with economic growth.

Today’s ambitious entrepreneurs in Nordic enterprises have set out to create societal improvements. They don’t expect or rely on philanthropic support or grants from foundations to make a better world. They provide solutions to climate change, a better environment, social issues, cultural development and other societal challenges – and generate economic growth and create jobs at the same time.

The sector of social business is evolving and changing. Among other things the pressure on the welfare state (climate changes, migration, social inequality and much more) is a driver for the development of social and sustainable enterprises and mindset.

However this sector is underdeveloped in the Nordic countries. Knowledge is lacking, economic initiatives are rare and investments are small.

IMPACT X aims to combat this deficit by developing skills, providing measurable metrics on the value of social enterprises, and supporting enterprises with knowledge, tools and other resources.

Through our platform, we hope to increase the positive impact of social enterprises globally and strengthen their business opportunities as a whole.